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About us

About us

Almost half a century ago the dream of two young Dutchmen who had left their country in search of new opportunities began to write in Costa Rica.

It was around 1967 that Jan Zwarter and Gerard Van Andel met in San Jose, Costa Rica and agreed to follow a common interest, create a company that could offer world class products to a region that was  just opening to the international market . At that time they founded World Central American Representations SRL (REMUCA Ltd.). REMUCA is now a consolidated company in the region recognized as a commercial representation business that offers prestigious brands, innovative products and enjoys long term and friendly relationship with customers.

Almost 50 years since its inception and now  led by a second generation, REMUCA works throughout ​​Central America with offices in key markets (Guatemala , Honduras , El Salvador , Nicaragua and Costa Rica ), and continues to represent leading brands and manufacturers in their respective industries.

We invite you to learn about our products and representations that we handle.

Our Founders

Our Founders



Our Team

Our Team

  • President | Gerard Van Andel De Groot
  • General Manager | Sandra Soto
  • Commercial Manager | Alberto Zwarter Soto
  • Regional Manager | Arie Jay Van Andel
  • Purchasing Manager | Gerard Van Andel Lanzoni
  • Finance Manager | Mario Perez
  • Management Assistant | Heidy Cordoba
  • Logistics Assistant | Gioconda Herrera
  • Janitor | Elsa Muñoz


  • Guatemala | Elizabeth Molina
  • Honduras | Biviana Cordoba y Armando Mejia
  • El Salvador | Klaus Falkenberg